• Certified:   ISO 9001:2015,   PED 2014/68/EU,   ISO 45001:2018
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Our Capabilities

Our manufacturing plant is well equipped with sophisticated technologies and latest machineries to produce high quality butt weld/socket weld/screwed pipe fittings and flanges. Our product includes Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Swage Nipples, Nipples, Cross, Couplings, Plugs, Caps, Unions, Stub Ends and various types of O-lets. Flanges include Slip On; Socket Weld; Screwed; Well Neck, Blind, Spectacle Blind and Lap Joint.

Our prime concern is to provide our valued customers with Quality Products。 We have implemented latest technologies along with precisely defined and optimized production management。 Planning is done for bulk production with excellent utilization of facilities, with minimum wastage of materials。

We, at M.S.FITTINGS MANUFACTURING CO.PVT.LTD believe that excellence has no limits and we constantly strive to ensure that our products match industry standards and parameters in the strictest terms.

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Material Specification

  • Forged Flanges in C.S , S.S, A.S & L.T.C.S.
    CL.150,Cl.300,Cl.600,Cl.1500,Cl.2500 (Slipon, Socket Weld, Screwed, Blank, Weldneck & RTJ Flanges)
  • Forged C.S , S.S, A.S & L.T.C.S.
    (SW 3000#, 6000# & 9000#) Elbow ,Tee,Cross, Coupling, Union & Cap. (Scrd.2000#, 3000# & 6000#) Elbow,Tee,Cross & Union. (Scrd. 3000# & 6000#) Coupling & Cap
  • Seamless C.S.,S.S.,LT.CS.,AS. BW fittings
    (In Various Thickness)
  • Mild steel Fittings (Fabricated)
    Bevelled Ends Scrd. In Black and Galvd.


  • ASME B16.5, B16.48, API-590
    0.5″NB to 24″NB
  • ASME B16.11
    0.25″NB TO 4″NB
  • ASME B16.9
    0.50″NB to 24″NB
  • 0.50″NB to 24″NB ASME B16.9
    0.25″NB to 6″NB IS:1239 Pt-II /BS:1740
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